Real Estate For Sale By Owner

When people suffer from real estate for sale by blues owners it’s really something else to play. It is even more likely that it is the normal pressure of a home they feel. There is nothing wrong with this, the only human being and that is to be expected.

People tend to get depressed quite quickly if their home isn’t displaying a sold sticker in the first week.
Perhaps they forget just how long they took when they were deciding upon a house to buy.

It’s a stressful thing to sell a house and to prepare for a move even when things go super smoothly. And of course when things are somewhat less than perfect people are apt to reach a wrong conclusion.
That conclusion may be that private selling is just too difficult.

They focus on where they are going , new jobs, new situations, new people to meet, new challenges and suddenly things don’t go anywhere. In fact they appear to grind to a halt and the healthy challenge of FSBO becomes instead more like an overwhelming obstacle.

But this isn’t because they are doing a real estate private sale and not using a real estate agent. Its far more likely due to simply unfavourable market conditions.

I mean when things are booming along in real estate you can’t keep buyers away with a stick unless you over price your property. And even in dull real estate markets you’ll find that a house that is sitting around with no lookers is overpriced for that market. Sometimes people take a while to reflect the changing value of their home in their asking price. They are quite happy to accept that house prices rise but for some reason when house prices fall they make up excuses and not respond to the fact that the market for their home may have nose-dived.

It’s no secret that just as many houses sit around forever with agents as they do with for sale by owner sellers. Naturally enough people also get depressed just as readily when the non sale happens under the control of an agent.

In my ten year career in real estate I have seen all sorts of people with all sorts of property both succeeding and also failing to sell their home quickly. And the common denominator for their relative success or failure has always been the shape of the market and whether or not their price reflected the market in their local area.

It’s always surprising to me then when people jump to conclusions about their ability or inability to see things through to a successful private sale of their property.

I’ve always said to my clients that houses sell houses not agents. The best thing you can do when you are selling is to make sure that you bought well when you purchased. I know you don’t have a time machine nor a crystal ball but I am simply trying to illustrate the difficulties you may face because of nothing more than really poor timing. If you recognise this fact then it may save your sanity when you are attempting to sell your own home.

If you get the double whammy of having bought in a bull real estate market and also having paid top dollar as well AND then you are forced for whatever reason to sell in a bear real estate market then you will cop a pasting.

This can be hard to hear and it can be a very sad reality for many people but I would ague that if this is or has happened to you then the situation is only exacerbated by having to also pay out hefty agents commissions on top of everything else.

As always when selling it’s more about price than any other single thing. So before you blame yourself for an inability to sell privately first do a sign audit of your local area and I’m sure you’ll find you are in good company. If your home isn’t selling it’s quite possibly symptomatic of your local area or even a national trend.