A Tenant Background Check – Tenant Screening System That’s Shifting Power to Landlords!

Every landlord’s greatest fear is that of default tenants, yet wherever rental accommodation is offered you face the risk of handing the keys to one of these tenants who have a history of defaulting on rent and trashing rental properties.

It is highly unlikely that a tenant will advise you that they have trashed another property or owe money for rent. Your asset can very easily and quickly become a liability by approving the wrong tenant applicant.

As a landlord, having the right tenants makes all the difference. Repeat offenders are used to getting by landlords and slipping through the system, and you can’t always rely on gut instinct or your first impression when dealing with potential tenants.

The first step in protecting your rental property is doing a thorough tenant screening of every applicant. Cutting corners on your tenant screening could cost you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. By performing a tenant background check you’ll be able to make informed decisions based on tenant background check history. If your potential tenant has a history of skipping rent or destroying property, you may be able to find this out before handing over that key through a background check at a minimal cost or free through memberships.

To screen tenants properly you have to have the ability to perform a tenant check on the largest database across Australia and New Zealand on tenants who have or haven’t defaulted. These databases can be expensive or strictly permitted for registered agents only but with careful searching you can find websites helping landlords offering a number of free tenant checks with their memberships.

Do you suspect your tenants about to run? How about having the power of performing an enquiry check and receiving a report on your tenant’s rental property enquiries?

Tenant has defaulted owes 2 months’ rent, you tried the tenancy courts but tenant has skipped town. You are now out of pocket 2 months’ rent plus have to clean up the property for the next tenant.

What if you had the power to list this default tenant on the largest database across Australia and New Zealand warning all other landlords and property managers, reducing these tenants’ chances of rental accommodation, do you think this might persuade them to pay up lost rent?

How powerful would having the above abilities make you feel? What would it mean to your family’s financial security, peace of mind and financial success? Could you put a price on it?

Access to these databases should be affordable for all landlords and you should have the option to list a defaulting tenant, so when you’re searching for a company that performs tenant checks, make sure you use the one that gives you the most power and leverage.

The top tenant background check companies provide landlords with forms such as,

1. Tenancy Application Form To Rent

(Form for tenant to use for application to rent your property also allows legal search and collects relevant tenant info)

2. Request To List Tenants Onto The Data Base (sometimes the best way to recoup lost rent)

3. Proposed Listing Letter To Be Sent To Tenant

(letter must be sent to tenant before listing, sometimes powerful enough to recoup lost rent)

4. You Have Been Listed Letter To Be Sent To Tenant

(letter must be sent to tenant also lets tenant know your serious and helps recoup lost rent)

It’s your right to guard yourself from defaulting tenants and the heartache they cause, secure your property investments today!